Will 2015 be the year in which Cloud Computing overtakes legacy client server and mainframe architec

With the acceleration of Digital Business Transformation, IT leaders are under increasing pressure to provide on-demand, pay-per-use style services. However, while the cloud revolution is truly underway in small and medium size business, the task of defining and executing a cloud services strategy in a large complex global organization is not so straightforward. How should governance, operational, procurement, and security capabilities evolve? What types of strategic investments are needed?

There is no silver bullet to these questions, and many organisations will need their own approach. What is common is the need to embrace the opportunities presented by new solutions in the market, and evolve your internal capabilities accordingly.

The illustration shows the types of issues our clients are experiencing, the potential benefits from the adoption of cloud services, and a typical transformation approach.

Perhaps Cloud computing will not overtake legacy in 2015, but you should define your strategy and begin the journey to become a true cloud service provider to your internal customers.

fcnpartners provide consulting services to enable our clients to transform their digital workplace and accelerate business value from the adoption of cloud services.

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